659 - Rescuers Trying To Save A Blind Dog Were Shocked By What They Saw

When a rescuer by the name of Tanja Vidergar was near a highway road feeding some stray dogs, she met something very interesting.

A blind dog rushed over to the food Tanja placed on the ground and ate it as if she hadn’t had a meal in a very long time.

After she finished her meal, the pup acted very strangely. It was as if she was telling Tanja that she needed to follow her. That’s exactly what Tanja did.

Rescue Mission

After following the pup for some time, Tanja found out that the dog was actually a mom, and she was leading her to her 6 new-born puppies.

The rescuer was completely shocked when she saw them, not being able to understand how they survived without food and shelter. And, not just that, but also, with a blind mother. Tanja then called for some backup, knowing that she couldn’t just leave the little family out in the cold anymore.

Luckily, the rescue team did not run into any problems, and were able to get the mom and her pups into the car in no time. They got on their way to safety.

Road To Recovery

The little family was taken to the vet for a thorough checkup. After their medical exam, they were kept at a shelter until the pups were old enough to be adopted.

Even though the mama dog didn’t really trust humans at all at first, after some time, she started to understand that they were actually helping her and her babies.

Being in such a warm and loving environment, the pups grew up to be strong and healthy in no time, enabling them to start looking for forever homes.

I am sure that by being so adorable, every single one of these pups, including their mom, will find the perfect home that will show them the love and adoration they deserve.

Importance Of Rescuers

This is another story that proves just how important rescue organizations truly are. They not only saved this little family, providing them food, shelter, and even medical aid, but they also gave them the best gift ever – love.

Because of the love and affection they provided them, they not only made them livelier than ever, but they also made them look forward to the life ahead and the family they will become a part of.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every rescuer out there for allowing these sweet creatures to live the life they deserve.

Thank you!
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