658 - Dog Who Spent All Of Her Life Crammed In A Cage Now Finally Understands What Love Feels Like

It’s absolutely tragic just how cruel some people can be to dogs and not feel any remorse for causing them pain.

The worst kind of treatment is usually in some form of abuse or neglect, where the pup will suffer a lot at the hands of someone who was supposed to care for them.

In the case of the dog we will talk about today, she spent her whole life in a small cage, unable to move, and was then abandoned in a park.

She Couldn’t Even Move

It was an ordinary day when a woman was just walking through the park and noticed a random cardboard box sitting there.

She thought to check it out. When she opened it, the woman was shocked to see a severely malnourished dog in there. Without hesitation, she called for rescuers who heard this woman’s story and they were on their way to help.

Upon arrival, they took a closer look at the dog and couldn’t believe the state she was in. Just who could have done this to this innocent and sweet dog? They realized that she likely spent her whole life in this small cage, and it caused muscle atrophy which meant that she couldn’t move.

Add malnourishment on top of that and her condition was just horrible. They wasted no more time and took her to a veterinarian clinic, where they immediately accepted her.

The vets confirmed their suspicions and noted that she was likely starving for months based on how skinny she was. Malnourishment had also affected her other organs, but they are doing what they can to help her recover.

Heartbreaking News

The most heartbreaking news for both the vets and the rescuers was when they learned that she was suffering from necrosis in her hind legs. They were trying their best to suppress it, but it looked increasingly difficult as time went on. While she was in recovery, the vets made sure she was on fluids almost regularly.

She was then transferred to another vet to see if they could find a solution to the necrosis. However, everything pointed to one unfortunate solution. They were going to have to amputate her hind legs. It’s incredibly tragic news, but it had to be done, and they were going to do their best to make sure she recovered.

After the decision was made, they performed the surgery, and it was successful, albeit heartbreaking for everyone. Now that she was finally moving to a more normal recovery, the vets and rescuers did everything they could to aid in her therapy.

Mika Is The Bravest Dog

Her weight had gone up considerably, and she also had skin graft surgery. They had noticed that one of her legs had not been quite healing the way it should be. They treated it again, and it was a success. The rescuers breathed a sigh of relief when they realized that she was going to be okay.

After three months, she had changed considerably. Her mood improved and she was beginning to play with her rescuers. She was slowly learning how to walk again, and it was time to take her to a new home. The vets were sad that she was leaving, but knew she was going to a better life.

One of her rescuers decided to take her in, and this sweet dog adapted quite quickly to her new home. Her owner now decided to name her Mika.

She is making progress every day, and everyone is so proud of how brave she is. Mika is now a changed dog who just loves living her life and spending time with her favorite people.

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