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Abandoning dogs is, unfortunately, nothing new. Although we all know that the love of the favorite person means everything to these furry beings, there are still heartless people who are ready to betray their pets.

Rescuers from Hope For Paws, a rescue organization in Los Angeles, California, saw that with their own eyes after they received a text about an abandoned dog at a construction site one day.

As soon as Katie and Alex came to that place, they noticed that this poor abandoned Husky was pregnant, which saddened them even more. However, that sadness quickly transformed into motivation to do everything to help this canine mom and her future children.

Ready For The Little Ones

Immediately upon arriving at that location, Katie and Alex tried to put a leash around her neck. Unfortunately, the frightened Mallory, as they later named the Husky, did not trust people enough after her favorite person left her stranded.

Instead, she led them to her den, where she planned on giving birth to her puppies. There, she managed to relax a bit, so they soon put the leash around her neck, and they were ready to go to safety.

When they finally came to their premises in Los Angeles, California, Mallory was welcomed with open arms and a lot of love from all the rescue staff. However, they didn’t have much time to lose, so they quickly transferred her to the vet to see how her babies were doing.

The X-ray examination confirmed that Mallory was carrying seven little puppies. These people were overjoyed when they saw that, and they did everything to prepare her for the big day.

They gave her a good bath, a lot of hugs, and all the love so that she could meet her happiest moment in the best possible condition. At the same time, many big-hearted people who selflessly donated money via the Internet made their contribution, too.

On the day the ultrasound revealed that the babies would be born soon, Katie took Mallory home and prepared her a warm bed and a comfy blanket. The very next day, Mallory gave birth to seven beautiful and healthy puppies.

Three girls and four boys brought the biggest smile to Mom’s face.

Happy Times

Mallory was over the moon because all of her puppies were alive and healthy and she didn’t let them out of her sight. She nursed them, showered them with kisses, and constantly protected them.

Alex wholeheartedly helped Mallory raise her children in their earliest days, which was crucial for a happy puppyhood. This great woman enjoyed the process, and her heart was full because of this big, happy family.

After three weeks, these seven puppies grew into beautiful boys and girls. Missy, May, Michelle, Marvin, Miles, McCoy, and Mahomes enjoyed their lives at Hollywood Huskies, a rescue organization that was their foster home until they could find a forever one.

Fortunately, the happy ending soon followed because according to a Hope For Paws Facebook post, “Mallory and her puppies were all adopted.”

This is how the beautiful story had its best possible ending despite all the hardships at the beginning. The children spent their puppyhood in happiness and joy, and together with their mother, they found forever homes.

However, if it wasn’t for big-hearted people, everything could have been completely different.

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