607 - Strange creature without a brain but very intelligent, has nearly... 720 genders

This is an organism that exists on our planet, however it is not a plant or animal, and it is not a fungus.

People who identify as a gender "other" than their socially accepted gender have become a major problem in our society. Although the Western world is beginning to accept individuals who identify as a different gender, there are still many places that still do not.

However, there is one creature on Earth that actually proves that gender is just a social construct, it has nearly 720 genders; Can move without legs or wings and can heal itself within 2 minutes if cut in half.

The organism is named Physarum polucephalum and it has been identified by biologists as a "self-sustaining and growing slime" that can grow exponentially using only the energy it absorbs. in the atmosphere, such as humidity and sunlight.

While human sex cells come in two types, this organism has sex cells with multiple genes that can come in many different combinations - there are 720 different possible combinations, but the Scientists are still working on identifying and classifying them all.

Physarum polycephalum began appearing in biological encyclopedias in the early 19th century. The organism itself was not properly analyzed or studied until 1930 when Frank L. Howard became fascinated by how the organism This develops and the patterns it creates.

In 1931, Howard published a paper titled "The Life History of Physarum polucephalum" which can be found in the American Journal of Botany Vol.18.

Besides the huge number of genders, what surprised Howard was that even if the creature had no brain, it still showed signs of intelligence and even learned by following different patterns. Even if the creature has no eyes or ears, it is still very aware of its surroundings and it will back away if it senses danger ahead.

In the 1960s, people started calling it "the blob" inspired by a science fiction movie released in 1958 called "The Blob" - an alien creature that devours everything in its path. Its location is in a small town in Pennsylvania - USA.

Since then, many experiments have been performed to better understand how the blob develops and grows.

A 2016 study showed that even a brainless creature could be smarter than most creatures with brains. This creature has been placed in many different mazes and each time it has found its way out with ease.

This makes scientists look at intelligence in a different way, maybe intelligence is not directly linked to the brain, but something closer to the entity that gives life to things.
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