604 - The discovery of the remains of a 5-meter giant scared the world

The archaeological community has discovered many things that dare not make it public, and the remains of giants are one of them. This is a secret that the archaeological community dare not disclose! It is understood that archaeologists have found many remains of giants, the longest being 5 meters!

Many people who had seen the remains of giants were scared to pee. I didn’t expect such a big giant to exist in the world! Let’s take a look at the secrets that the archaeological world dare not disclose!

The average height of human beings is around 1.73 meters, which is incomparable compared to the tallest person in the world. According to records, archaeologists have discovered the remains of a giant of 5 meters long, which represents that a very huge race has appeared in the world, but the news of the discovery of the giant’s remains has been blocked. This is a secret that the archaeological community dare not disclose.

This is a fossil of a giant’s leg bones collected by a museum in the United States. Based on this, it is estimated that the giant’s height is 5 meters. In the legends of ancient Greece and Rome, the giants were tall, powerful, and temperamental, which made them daunting.

Among them, the most famous giant is Goliath, one of the five giant brothers of the Philistine tribe. He was able to fight well, and he fought endlessly with Israeli soldiers, and stories about him were widely circulated.

Giants have also appeared in the mythology of prehistoric megalithic pillars. They may be the most famous megalithic structures in the world. These huge upright boulders, up to 9 meters in height and weighing 50 tons, have been erected for thousands of years. The early British called this stone pillar the “dance of giants”, and believed that the builder was a giant. The person and method of building the group of stone pillars are still a mystery.

At the end of 1986, a Mexican media reported that a complete giant skull was found in eastern Mexico City that year, as well as relics of stone fragments used by the giant. The skull is 50 cm and 25 cm in height and width. The canine teeth are larger than modern people. 2.5 times, the estimated height is between 3.5 and 5 meters. The remains of the giant frightened everyone. This is a secret that the archaeological community dare not disclose.

At the end of 1950, many huge bone fossils were discovered in the Turkish valleys. Investigations confirmed that they were very similar to human bones, but the proportions were surprisingly large. One of the thigh bone fossils was 120 cm long. Calculating according to this ratio, this “person” is 5 meters tall, and it is not an exaggeration to call him a giant.

At the end of the 19th century, a scholar explored the Malay Peninsula and found the wooden sticks they had used in the giants in the hinterland of the peninsula. In 1912, rancher workers went to a desolate cave in Nevada to excavate bat droppings as fertilizer. When they dig up to 3-4 meters, they found strange crafts.

They found duck-shaped bait in the basket and found fishing and hunting in the nearby dry lake. Tools. Later, to their surprise, they found the mummy of the red-haired giant. These giants are about 2 meters tall, and most of them resemble Egyptian mummies, with long red hair reaching up to the shoulders.

This is a secret that the archaeological community dare not disclose. If Darwin knows the above archaeological facts, I don’t know what he thinks? Are these things evolved from ancient apes?

It is pitiful and sad that modern mainstream science and modern mainstream Thoughts and modern mainstream concepts are still based on Darwin’s theory of biological evolution.
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