603 - The mystery of the disappearance of the Moscow metro in 1975

Speaking of the disappearance of the Moscow subway, it can be said to have caused a sensation in the world in the last century! Because in 1975, a very strange thing happened in the Moscow subway. In just 14 minutes, an entire carriage of people disappeared strangely.

Their whereabouts are still unknown, just when people thought they had entered the space-time tunnel. At the time, it was confirmed that this was an April Fool’s Day joke.

The disappearance of the Moscow subway occurred at 21:16 on April 1, 1975. A Moscow subway train full of passengers left the Belorussian station and moved forward. It was only 14 minutes apart. You can go to the next stop, Red Blissnow.

However, 14 minutes later, the red Bresno station never saw the train coming into the station. It seemed to disappear without a trace. The subway managers panicked and hurriedly interrupted the entire subway operation. It also mobilized relevant staff to search for missing trains throughout the subway system. At that time, the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs also sent people to participate in the search. The train and the hundreds of passengers on board seemed to disappear without a trace.

In the middle of the night, Victor Spanovich, the director of the subway electrical library, received the notice and led all the members of the subway station night inspection team along the subway line to start a careful search.

A group of people checked carefully while walking, and soon came to a circular section of the section. At first glance, they couldn’t believe their eyes. On one side of the original ring road, there was a branch line for trains waiting to be repaired on the side of the tunnel wall.

The Moscow metro station was gone, and someone shouted involuntarily: Look! The fork is gone! There were still two parallel rails under the tunnel wall. Everyone ran to the tunnel wall and checked carefully inch by inch. No flaws or gaps were found. Finally, an accompanying engineer discovered that it was a huge waterproof gate.

He found the switch and activated the button. Soon, the whole tunnel wall in front of the crowd slowly rose. Behind the waterproof gate, on the brightly-lit section of the railroad track, the missing train was parked. Everyone grabbed a step and surrounded them.

I saw that the last carriage of the missing train was partially crushed by the falling gate. The carriage was full of passengers, but now there is no one. Someone called out loudly, but no one answered at all. People walked tremblingly throughout the train, and there were traces of people staying everywhere in the train.

Various cans and cigarette butts were littered on the ground, and there was also a luggage roll in the corner of a carriage. It seemed that someone had lain here. This is simply an unbelievable fact: in other words, the missing train has been found, but all the passengers have disappeared. On the repair platform next to the train, there was a pile of newspapers and magazines burning out of the spring fire.

There was an abandoned cradle beside the spring fire. There was also an empty baby bottle on the cradle quilt….It was almost the same as the 330 road in Beijing. The bus is as strange as missing.

When people gathered all these items together, they still felt that the incident was sleepwalking. Some people were unwilling to take a closer look at the surrounding tunnel walls, but they still didn’t find a moving concrete wall. This could not help but make everyone present extremely puzzled.

If the waterproof gate is in disrepair for a long time, the rumbling vibration of the train may cause the gate to fall freely, but why the switch is not moved and the train is sent to the fork. superior? More importantly, why are the passengers and driver of this train gone?

The train was trapped inside the gate and could not be activated, and people outside did not activate the switch. Where did these people go? The Moscow subway disappeared. What is the truth of the case? Is it true that traveling through time and space? If the time tunnel exists, then it is not impossible that the Flight 914 incident is true.

2. Suspecting the truth is actually a joke on April Fools’ Day: After the disappearance of the Moscow Metro was spread, people were discussing the truth or falsehood of this incident. More than 30 years have passed, and the relevant personnel of the Moscow Metro have time and time again, year after year. They kept trying to search for the mysteriously missing passengers and drivers, but none of these missing people showed up again.

It is indeed incomprehensible that so many people have disappeared at the same time. Even today, people still cannot find any clues about this matter. It can be said that the disappearance of the Moscow subway was the most mysterious collective disappearance in the world in the second half of the 20th century.

But if you are a little closer, you will find that this legend known as the “1975 Moscow Metro Missing Case” is often included in the unsolved mystery of “the collective disappearance of humans in the world”. Recently, this fascinating rumor has been turned over again.

However, a lot of obvious evidence indicates that it is more like a science fiction story than a real case. The “Belarus Station” mentioned in the incident is on the Moscow River Line (Замоскворецкая, Line 2) and the Loop Line (Кольцевая, Line 5), which were put into operation in 1938 and 1950, respectively, and are the main Moscow lines. Subway transportation lines.

In Line 2, the front and back of Belarus Station are Dynamo Station and Mayakovs Base Station; in Line 5, the front and back stations are Red Presnya Station and Xincun Station. In the two lines There is no red Bresno station mentioned in the rumors. Even if the names of Red Presnya and Red Blissnow are similar after being translated into Chinese, they are not correct-Belarus Station is only 2.2 kilometers away from Red Presnya Station.

According to the official website of the Moscow Metro, the average speed is 41.62km/h, and it takes about 3 minutes between the two stations. What? You said 1975 will be slower? It might indeed. The official website of the Moscow Metro does not provide the average speed of that era, so let’s compare the driving speed and the walking speed.

According to Google Maps data, it takes 4 minutes to drive between the two stations, 5 minutes to bus, and 26 minutes to walk. Therefore, the 14 minutes mentioned in the rumors is too slow. Is it really the level of the subway?

3. There is no news report in Tiger Review in Moscow: If you enter the keyword “Missing Moscow Metro” on the search engine, you will find that this news has appeared on the Chinese Internet as early as 2007, and at the same time There are almost zero records of this incident in English media, books, and web pages, and even the English web pages that appeared later are only translations of the early Chinese web pages.

It can be said that the collective disappearance of human beings was a major event at that time. Not only did Western countries not report such a major event, but even the local news in Moscow did not have relevant records. Isn’t this strange?

Tiger Review used the Russian search engine Yandex.ru to search for “1975 московском метро исчезновения” (Chinese means “1975 Moscow Metro”), but no trace of the incident mentioned in the article was found. There is no news about the mass disappearance of humans in the major events that occurred on April 1 in search history.

Searching for the keywords of the event on the Moscow News website and the official website of the Moscow Metro did not find any relevant content. In addition, the American physicist Snefak mentioned in the rumors only appeared in articles related to the “Subway Missing Case.” Perhaps the surname “Fak” in the text is just a hint.

The date mentioned in the early spread of this rumor was April 1, 1975. You may smile when you see this date-perhaps, the story was just an April Fool’s joke at first. In recent years, Tiger Review has discovered that some people have blurred the date to a certain day in 1975 when spreading this rumor.

Did they also find that marking April 1 will make people aware of it?
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