Girl Says 'I Love You' To Dog – Then He Says 'I Love You' Back - 84

Though we all love our pets, we sometimes wish that we could speak to them more directly - or even them to us.

You know the feeling. You have a dog who you just can’t train to stop digging up the trash. Even worse, he always finds a way to eat chocolate and you can’t explain why it’s so bad for him!

Obviously, the possibilities of animal speech are pretty limited. Aside from having a parrot you train to talk, you’re unlikely to hear your cat or dog actually say words to you.

That is, until you see this video. In a recent video spreading around the internet, one little pup was trying its hardest to join the conversation.

In the video, a dog mom is playing with her little pup who she has all dressed up in a little jumpsuit. She pretends to bite his nose and makes noses at him. He barks back in response while the camera operator films everything.

The entire exchange is adorable on its own—and after a moment, the mom says “I love you” to the little doggie. Almost immediately, the dog groans back an “I love you” of his own!

Needless to say, both the mom and man filming are taken aback.

The mother covers her mouth and starts giggling at how adorable the little guy is. Still, they consider that the moment might’ve just been a fluke.

To prove it wasn’t, they try again. “I love you,” the mom says just a few moments later. Right on cue, her dog responds again with a loving little bark of his own. Again, the mother cracks up.

We’re guessing that this little guy is going to get spoiled if he keeps using this trick! The clip has already been watched on YouTube more than 12 million times.

Obviously, the dog in the clip is cute beyond belief—but the popularity of this (and similar videos) seems to point to a broader love for animals.

Though we all love our pets and would do anything for them, there’s always a barrier in communication that keeps us at least somewhat separated.

Whenever we have a true moment when we feel like our animal companions truly understand us, it’s easy to see why it warms our hearts so much.

Until they invent a machine that lets us talk to our dogs, we’ll be watching this clip over and over!

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