Scared Stray Dog Finally Found Loving Home After 3 Years Wandering Around A Gas Station

All stray animals have a tough life on the streets, but it’s always tougher for unfixed females as they have numerous babies to watch over, not to mention how pregnancy affects their health.

The little s.t.r.a.y dog in this story gave birth to several litters outside, and s.a.d.l.y not all of her puppies managed to s.u.r.v.i.v.e.

Freya the Welsh Corgi mix had been wandering around a gas station for roughly 3 years, and during these 3 rough years, she had delivered a multiplicity of kids.

Since her spot wasn’t a safe place, it’s not surprising that many of them were hit by cars. The lucky ones, however, got adopted by visitors before something bad happened.

So after watching each of her babies leaving one by one, the pitiful mom was still alone. Thankfully, a kind girl who had been visiting and feeding her once in a while decided to call a local rescuer for help.

After hearing about that incredibly strong mama, Love Furry Friends’ founder Olena Pyanov quickly drove over to the area.

Since Freya had been fending for herself alone all these years, it’s not easy to gain her trust. Olena and the informant tried to lure her with food and found ways to capture that doubtful girl, but their efforts all led nowhere. 

Fortunately, after struggling for a while, the small dog gradually lost her strength and simply gave up.

With the help of a gas station worker, Olena cheerfully welcomed Freya to her car. The dog still seemed a bit nervous on their way to the vet, but she couldn’t hold back her excitement either. Hope literally glowed in her eyes.

After getting Freya spayed, vaccinated and treated for parasites, Olena brought the dog home. It’s not hard to see that the once untrusting girl had become much more content to be loved and cared for in such a warm, safe place. Look at that bright smile!

Freya’s story had touched the hearts of so many and eventually, a wonderful family adopted her out. The dog, of course, couldn’t be any happier. From that moment on, she would always have a roof above her head.

Watch the touching rescue here:

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