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Chained Up Outside For 5 Years, The Only Word This Dog Knew Was "No"

When people take dogs to keep them in their family and homes,they usually give all the love to their pets,they become happy when their dogs or cats get happy on playful, but unfortunately not every owner is a good person and not every animal is lucky.

A beautiful white dog named Marley had a rough life in the hands of a c.r.u.e.l owner, left to live on a tiny wood house chained and distressed he didn’t even recognize his name, he never felt loved or got to be play fetch like all dogs love to do, his state was a sad one he was malnourished and starving, he would eat cheerios in a dirty plate and the water he drank was from an old dirty bucket filled with algae, Marley was begging for someone to help him.


Leaving him hungry and thirsty didn’t feel enough for the cruel owner,he would mistreat the poor dog every time he got happy and wiggled his tail,with a kick on the head.

Thank good there are a lot of people that care for dog’s safety,so when hearing the sad story of Marley PETA rescuers got to the move and gave the fluffy whitey the help he needed.

Peta fought hard and got possession over Marley he was saved from his monster owner after long 5 years.

The dog was brought up at the shelter,and for the first time in his life Marley experienced how its like to sleep in a bed,and it was obvious that he was feeling real pure happiness for the first time in his life experiencing the kindness of PETA rescuers.


After a Vet check up it was discovered poor Marley was infected with parasites, and immediately was put under treatment.

Marley was a lovely dog with a bubbly vibrant personality,making Michael Moss a PETA worker getting attached to him,so Michael took the decision to adopt lovely Marley and give him a lovely home and all the care he needs,apart from the home and his human owner,Marley has a dig sister named Kyah whom he gets along perfectly and play together all day.

The poor dog that only knew NO from his old cruel owner,now has his well deserved happy ending.


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