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Dog falls from 9th-floor balcony, then the camera catches what this passerby does next

This story is about a lucky dog named Mel the Shih Tzu who survived a really life-threatening situation.

The curiosity she had brought her on the balcony of the ninth-floor building in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Suddenly she was noticed by a passerby who saw that she was in danger. If that animal hero would not been there, Mel might have not been alive today.

This cute little dog got through railings of the apartment and found herself in a really dangerous situation that no one could wish to be.


The man who was passing by there, was a Brazilian man Joao Augusto who noticed the dog, and he asked immediately to the caretaker of building for some towels so he could catch the dog if she fell.

He thought he could get prepared but, he did not even think how quickly events would take a turn for the worse.

Poor little Mel fell down from the railings and 100ft toward Joao standing on the street below. Those moments Joao all could do was hold his hands out and hope that the dog would fell on his hands.

Thankfully, the dog fell into his arms, with a quite big force that made the rescuer knocked on the floor.


Cameras caught the scary moment when the dog fell down and nobody knew if she could manage to stay alive or not. However, neither of them were injured and everyone was thankfull that the dog was alive. All of this because of the animal hero Joao.

The dog’s owner was so thankful to Joao, and first things he did was installed netting around the rails so Mel could be more secured and never fall down again.

Hope won’t happen again!


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