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Dog S.h.o.t 4 Times Reunites With Officer Who Saved Him

Frank the dog instantly recognized the man who saved him, that's very heartwarming...!

Meet Frank, a dog with an amazing will to live. Justice Rescue in Pennsylvania received an emergency call that a dog was s.h.o.t multiple times and left to d.i.e in Chester City, PA.

Humane Police Officer Russell Harper responded within minutes after getting the call and found Frank covered in b.l.o.o.d and being aided by Chester City police.

Officer Harper rushed Frank to an emergency vet hospital and Frank immediately went into emergency surgery.

They operated for six hours and no one knew if he would make it, but Frank fought to stay alive and miraculously pulled through.

Justice Rescue was founded by Officer Harper (aka “Wolf”) and Crash (also a humane police officer). The two work with municipality, federal and state police to thwart animal c.r.u.e.l.t.y and rescue dogs who have suffered a.b.u.s.e. An investigation is underway to find who s.h.o.t Frank.

Officer Harper went back to visit Frank at the hospital and you as you can see from the incredibly touching video below Frank remembers his rescuer. The grateful dog simply curls into his savior’s lap!

Note, the video may take a few seconds to load.

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