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Man Finds Lost Dog After 3 Years

How wonderful is it for two old friends to meet, that's the best part of life...

“Is that you? Georgie?”

Those were the first words out of a Thai man’s mouth after he came across a dog waiting by a tree on the side of a city street.

A video of this auspicious meeting shows the dog reacting slowly, but welcoming the greeting and moving closer to the man. It was the dog the man had lost three years prior.

“Georgie it is you?” He continues. “Aww sweet boy, how are you boy”

He starts to pet the dog, who whimpers with joy in return. Georgie was ecstatic to be reunited with his owner.

Then, a nearby shopkeeper exits his store to investigate the commotion.

“That’s your dog?” He asks.

“Yes, he is the dog from my yard,” the man replies. “I’ve been looking for him. He recognized me, can you imagine? Can you take a photo of us?”

The shopkeeper obliges, and the man and his Georgie share a kiss on the side of the street.

Lucky for us, the entire event was caught on video, which you can see below!


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