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Rescuers Find Bag Filled With Newborn Puppies In Bushes, Then They Hear A Squeal

Hearing some baby animals crying in the bushes, a concerned person called the animal rescue group Howl of a Dog to tell them.

When they rescuers arrived they noticed a crumpled white bag among the high grass, and looking inside they found several newborn puppies who had been dumped and left to d.i.e.

Two of the puppies had managed to crawl out of the bag and once they were safely out of the way, rescuers quickly checked on the other puppies as it was a rainy and very chilly morning.

The tiny newborn puppies still had their umbilical cords attached and were very cold, but miraculously they were still alive.

Howl of a Dog made sure to thoroughly check the area – which was a good thing a they found another puppy tangled in the grass! Having secured all the puppies they whisked them off to the vet where things took a dramatic, turn.

Abandoned animals are still extremely common in Romania, but thanks to animal groups like this, the surviving puppies have a second chance, one they wouldn’t have gotten if not for kind people like these looking out abandoned animals.

Watch this heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting rescue and share it with your friends!

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