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Police Department Adopts Stray Dog And Puts Him To Work In Adorably Odd Fashion

This helpful pup loves nothing more than to support the local police department.

Living life on the streets is rough for any stray — the search for food, shelter, and affection is a constant struggle. When a stray dog named Chato was found in Peru, he had a cheerful attitude, but desperately needed some help from humans.

But one special day, a police officer from the city of Paita discovered the puppy-eyed stray on the streets.

The police department quickly fell in love with him and offered Chato a forever home.

“When he arrived at the police station, he found love,” Manuel Capitan Barranzuela, Chato’s veterinarian, said via The Dodo.

Although Chato has no formal K-9 training, he has found a way to help the police department (and it’s adorable).

When asked, the pup happily stretches out against the wall so that the officers can complete the world’s most adorable pat-downs on Chato.

Since a pat-down is just a form of petting, the former stray happily receives any and all attention from the officers on duty.

As you can see in the video below, Chato loves assisting the officers in keeping their frisking skills sharp. Chato loves his new home and his job — and brings so much joy to officers who face large amounts of stress every day.

Chato has been paying the police officers back tenfold for opening their hearts and their home to him. What a good boy!

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