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Woman Demands Neighbor Change Her Dog’s Name Because She Wants It For Her Newborn

What’s in a name?

Naming your newborn has become BIG business with paid consultants, books, and web sites showcasing the correlation between baby names and future success.

This once enjoyable task is now a pressure cooker for new mom’s struggling to come up with their unborn child’s personal “brand”.

Your name usually comes from a family member or namesake, but now it seems moms are battling it out to find the next “trending” name before it becomes a “trend”.

Some parents take names so seriously, that it can result in threats because of so-called “name-stealers”. One woman found out in a rather strange way when she was asked by a mother-to-be to change her dog’s name, all so that she could use it for her unborn daughter.

Yesterday, Twitter was witness to the messages that took place between dog owner Jennay, and a pregnant woman she’d met at a christening – and they’re a bit shocking.

To make things a bit more awkward, the women don’t even know each other that well…

According to The Bump, the name Tillie ranks #3523 in popularity and is a variant of the Old German name Matilda, meaning “mighty in battle”.

With over 5,000 first names in common use in the U.S., which will you give your unborn child?

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