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Wife Receives Flowers From Her Husband, But Then Realizes They Are For Their Dog

When Debbie Cardone received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her husband, she thought he was sending her a sweet surprise. Then she read the card.

It turns out the flowers weren’t for her, but for their Bulldog, Sebastian, who’s recovering from surgery.

Debbie posted about it to Facebook, and her daughter, Lily, reshared it on Twitter, where the hilarious incident quickly went viral.

“So Flowers were delivered today,” Debbie wrote on Facebook. “My husband is very good about sending random flowers to me. I thought ‘oh isn’t this nice!’…then I read the card…”

Lily added her own caption to her mom’s original post and tweeted: “My dad sent flowers to my house today, and my mom thought they were for her [laughing emojis] THINK AGAIN.”

According to one of Lily’s tweets, Sebastian is recovering from ACL surgery and their father wanted to send him flowers to make him feel better. The card read:

“Sebastian, Feel better you’ll be back in the game very soon. Love Daddy.”

From the looks of things, Sebastian really appreciated his daddy’s “get well” gesture.

And I have a feeling dad isn’t in too much trouble. After all, who doesn’t love a man who is so thoughtful and loving to their dog?

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