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Vultures Were Waiting For A Chained Pit Bull Puppy To Die, But A Photo Changed Her Life

Vultures are often viewed as harbingers of death. But in the case of one young dog, they heralded in a new life!

A disturbing scene captured outside a home in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2014, prompted neighbors into action to save the puppy. A Pit Bull was tied to a tree and peeking out of her plastic kennel surrounded by dozens of the carrion-eating birds.

A local newspaper took a photo before animal control arrived and the haunting image continues to be circulated widely on social media. But what became of the dog?

After receiving the concerned phone calls from neighbors, Guilford County Animal Control visited the property on December 30, 2014 and took the young Pit Bull away.

Apparently, the owners later told animal control that the vultures had started their vigil on Christmas Day. They also said they were going to reclaim the dog, but they never did.

Instead, the dog, who was renamed Lilo, was pulled from the shelter by Merit Pit Bull Rescue. Fortunately, Lilo was not on “death’s door, although her health was not optimal.

According to the Merit Pit Bull Foundation, Lilo was slightly underweight, had scabs and tears on her ears and some sores on her tail. The 8-month-old dog went to live with fosters Keana Lynch and Travis Henley to learn to live indoors, according to Fox8.

Like any dog, learning a new environment and free to explore, Lilo’s foster family said she was curious, learning how to play with toys and a “snuggle bug”.

And a few months later, she was adopted!

Lilo made a great turnaround and it’s all thanks to some wonderful people noticing the poor dog surrounded by vultures and choosing to act!

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