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Stray Dog Found In Agony And Unable To Walk Makes Heartwarming Recovery

Joy was living on the streets when she was run over by a car and left to suffer. She was rescued by volunteers of SPAZZ, a rescue group in Athens, Greece.

She was immediately taken to hospital where they treated her two shattered legs and pneumothorax cause by the impact of the crash. A sign outside her kennel’s door warned “caution, in severe pain”.

She went through three painful surgeries and a treatment with very heavy antibiotics, because her front leg was also infected by a very aggressive virus.

Her recovery seemed to be never ending. Her foster mum took her swimming every day for weeks and drove her to the vet every other day. She promised her one day she would run again.

It took 5 long months but Joy finally did run. “She still limps a bit sometimes, but her legs are healing fine and she is not in pain anymore,” says The Orphan Pet GR. Not only that, but Joy is finally ready for a forever home. “She is an excellent dog, house trained, friendly, sweet and funny.”

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