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Rescuer Thinks She Is Saving One Dog, Unknowingly Saves Six

She thought she was just saving this dog, but she got a huge surprise...

When Gemma, a beautiful white German Shepherd got sick, her previous owners turned her into a shelter rather than treat her. Jolene was volunteering at the shelter when she noticed Gemma.

She could tell that the dog was in pain from a severe but treatable case of Demodectic Mange. As Jolene also works as an adoption counselor at St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary, an animal rescue based in Canyon Country, she arranged for Gemma to be rescued.

Within weeks, Gemma was healing nicely and putting on weight. A little too much weight! Jolene soon discovered that Gemma was pregnant and had been even before she left the shelter! Jolene had unknowingly saved six lives, not just one!

Gemma gave birth to 5 healthy puppies and all were adopted while Gemma continued her treatment for mange. But soon enough, Gemma found the perfect home too!

Watch the heartwarming video below to see Gemma’s journey from a sickly rejected dog to a gorgeous, loved German Shepherd.

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