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Puppy Who Collapsed On Porch After Escaping Dog Fighting Makes Incredible Recovery

After a long struggle, this puppy made his way to onto their porch. He was either ready to give up on life or he was desperate and trying to find some kind humans to ask for help.

It’s a truly barbaric practice. Dogs are tied up and used as “bait” for other dogs learning to bite and savage for the purposes of dog fighting. If they are not dead afterwards, the dogs are thrown away and left to fend for themselves.

On Mother’s Day of 2015, a Pit Bull puppy collapsed on someone’s porch, covered with bite marks. Unleashed Pet Rescue saw a post on Facebook asking for help and found the poor puppy with life-threatening injuries. Jax’s face was swollen, his eyes were shut and he had a big gash in his neck and holes in his head.

Despite the pain he was in, his tail thumped whenever he saw his rescuer. Jax spent nearly 2 weeks in intensive care, but every day his tail thumped a little bit longer until the day he was ready to go into foster care.

Seeing Jax’s recovery up close is heartbreaking, but it hammers home how important it is to not turn the other way to animal abuse. If you suspect there may be illegal dog fighting going on in your neighborhood, call your local humane society or animal rescue. If you are in the US, you can call The Humane Society of The United States’ National Tipline at 877-TIP-HSUS.

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