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Funny Beagle Caught on Camera Being a Drama Queen

Watch Bonnie become a "proper little drama queen" after she drops her toy.

Claire Wolstenholme caught her dog, Bonnie, on the house cam being a total drama queen after accidentally dropping her toy.

When it comes to lazy dogs who are full of drama, Claire Wolstenholme’s dog takes the prize. Her house cam caught this hilarious moment of Bonnie dropping her toy and becoming a “proper little drama queen.”

“Caught Bonnie on the house cam having this little strop earlier over dropping her toy. How dramatic!” [editor’s note, a strop is a tantrum]

According to Claire, Bonnie “carried on howling like that for a full minute what a diva!” Watch the funny clip below.

Viewers can’t stop laughing about Bonnie’s reaction. Claire also lets everyone know her beagle is constantly making her laugh. “She cracks me right up!”

“I absolutely love how lazy she is,” said one fan. Claire confirms, “Laziest beagle EVER.”

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