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Awesome Firefighter Carries Injured Dog Down Mountain To Safety

They thought this was just a man hiking with his dog, but then they learned the truth...

During Fourth of July fireworks, a Vizsla named Rue escaped from her Salt Lake City, Utah home and got lost in the mountain trails near her home. Firefighter Tony Stowe and his crew responded to the frantic call from someone who spotted the dog on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

The crew hiked over two miles to reach the scared dog and when they found her, they realized she had hurt her paw.

Tony “scooped her up”, put her on his shoulders and began the long hike back down the hill.

For the next hour, Tony trekked down with the 53-pound dog on his back not making any complaints.

The crew helped out and by the time they reached the bottom, Tony had decided to adopt her if she didn’t have a family.

It turns out Rue does have a loving family and after a scan of her microchip, Rue was reunited with them. But I think she will always have a soft spot in her heart for the heroic fireman that saved her.

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