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Stolen Dog Staggers Home After Escaping Suspected Dog Fighting Ring

Alfie the dog was snatched from his backyard in broad daylight. 24 hours later, his human was shocked by what she saw when she found him on her doorstep.

A Kelpie Labrador mix who was stolen from his home staggered back 24 hours later nearly dead and with horrific wounds covering his body.

Alfie had been snatched from his backyard in Melbourne, Australia in broad daylight on Thursday. When his owner, Sheena, found him on the doorstep a day later, she was shocked at what she saw.

Alfie had 20 dog bites, stab wounds, chain marks around his neck and rope tied to his back foot, which lead Sheena to believe he had been used as a bait dog by a dog-fighting ring.

She rushed Alfie to the vet, where he received emergency treatment over the weekend. He required 100 stitches and two plasma transfusions. Miraculously, none of Alfie’s vital organs were punctured.

“I find it unbelievable he came home, he should be dead,” Alfie’s owner, Sheena, told 7 News.

She described Alfie’s theft on Thursday with 3AW Radio as “brazen”. He was snatched from his secured backyard in broad daylight and children played on the street. Victoria Police are investigating, stating that an unknown woman was seen leaving Sheena’s home.

Sheena said when she found Alfie outside of her home “he had clearly walked a very long way, he was dehydrated and was in complete shock.”

After a weekend of treatment, Alfie is now at home resting. Alfie is starting to eat and looking a bit “perkier” according to Sheena.

Although it is a mystery how Alfie got home, his will to live and get back to Sheena likely played a huge role in him surviving!

The Daily Mail reported that police are looking for the woman seen leaving the home and getting into a car. She is described as having a thin build and is between 25-35 years of age.

The car is described as a dark-colored older model Holden Commodore sedan with distinctive wheel rims, driven by a man perceived to have olive colored skin.


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