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Rescued Bulldog Relies On Her Turtle Costume to Help Calm Her Nerves

Lilly is a rescued Bulldog who has anxiety attacks. But her mom found one thing that calms her down and makes her feel like an entirely different dog...

Lilly was found in a trash can when she was just 5 weeks old. Her early abandonment has had an effect on her, and despite being in a loving home, she has remained anxious.

But her new mom found one thing that makes her feel better – her turtle costume. In fact, the outfit is like a superhero costume, transforming her into a confident dog.

“It is an alter ego for Lily. It’s to the point where if I have to take her to the vet in the middle of January, I put on the turtle costume ’cause she walks in like she owns the place,” says Lily’s mom.

As to why Lilly’s turtle costume relaxes her, it could be that the costume provides a gentle pressure similar to the Thundershirt, a garment known to help reduce anxiety in dogs.

If your dog becomes anxious during storms or fireworks, read our article How to help dogs with storm phobia for some helpful tips.

Watch Lilly’s touching story in the video below.


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