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Puppy Dumped To D.i.e In Cold Ditch On Lonely Road, Rescue Leads To A Dark Story

This puppy was dumped in the cold and desolate rural road, but he was hiding another, darker secret.

A woman named Tegan Griffith was out on her way to work on a desolated country road in Wisconsin when she noticed a slight movement in a nearby ditch. She was surprised to discover a sweet, floppy-eared puppy, a.b.a.n.d.o.n.e.d and left to d.i.e in the remote corner.

Tegan named the puppy Larry and decided to take him to her workplace. She fed him a cheesy treat from her lunchbox, which the starving Larry was happy to snack on. At work, she happily carried him around in a vest, while she updated the details of this eventful day on Twitter.

Tegan decided to work for the rest of the day from home. She brought Larry home and also started making calls to the police and the prominent shelters nearby. After a while, she received a call from one of the shelters saying, “Oh! You found NUMBER FOUR!”

As strange as it sounded, Tegan was finally able to frame the pieces of the puzzle together. Little Larry was the fourth sibling of an a.b.a.n.d.o.n.e.d litter. He and his three sisters were mercilessly dumped by their owner in the secluded woods.

One of the owner’s acquaintances found the sisters and dropped them off to the shelter the day before. But Larry was lost in the woods and spent an entire night all alone in the biting cold of Northern Wisconsin.

Tegan knew that she had to reunite the siblings. She took him to the shelter, where he had the most heart-touching reunion with his lost sisters! He and his sisters are currently at the shelter receiving necessary shots and treatments for worms and dehydration.

As Tegan’s updates about Larry went viral, many people have been hoping to adopt the puppies. But for Larry, his place is sealed in the home and heart of Tegan. What a feel-good ending to Larry’s heartbreaking story!


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