Half-Blind Puppy Who Was Left Outside In Freezing Cold Makes Heartwarming Recovery

With a badly infected eye and only a frozen water bowl to drink from, this sweet pup desperately needed rescue...

An abandoned Shar-Pei mix puppy had been left outside in the freezing cold, chained and forgotten. Malnourished and suffering from a severe eye infection that was threatening her vision, the dog desperately needed help.

When rescuer volunteers arrived to save her, they found the water in her dirty bowl frozen solid.

They took her to the vet, where she was cleaned, fed, and then fostered by a couple who are a veterinarian and fireman. The couple regularly help Naminukai animal shelter, a small animal shelter in Vilnius, Lithuania. Soon, the small pup would get eye surgery to help restore her vision.

Her eye now fully healed, this small pup will never have to suffer again.

Watch this small puppy’s heartwarming full recovery in the video below.

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