Mom Catches German Shepherd’s Sweet Way Of Caring For Flock Of Baby Chicks

If ever there was a dog that was born to work, it’s the honorable German shepherd.

These dogs have a lot of energy, especially the working lines, and if they don’t have a job to do… well, you’re just asking for it. Fortunately, Glada Fjäderfäns Gård of Tidaholm, Sweden, never has to worry about finding enough things to keep her shepherd Thorin occupied.

They live on a farm that’s filled with all sorts of critters, furred and feathered flocks that he’s entrusted to herd and protect. And he does an amazing job!

Just look at how sweet he is with this precious newborn chicks. He allows them to run and play between his paws and never once acts aggressive.

Normally, little animals like this would be frightened of a larger dog with sharp teeth and big paws. But these little guys have clearly added Thorin to their “circle of trust”.

Over 20 million people have watched Thorin devotedly guarding this clutch of adorable newborn quails. And when you watch their sweet interaction below, it will be easy to see why.

Watch these adorable babies fall into line in the video below, and share Thorin’s sweet nature today!

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