Kittens Adore Blind and Deaf Dog

This is Marco. He is blind and deaf, the result of merle/merle breeding. But his disability doesn’t prevent him from enjoying life.

“He is a wonderful and happy dog, most people don’t recognize his ‘disability’ unless I tell them,” his guardian told DogFull.

He also loves cats and cats adore him. He regularly plays with the kittens on his family farm.

“The cats are kittens from stray mommas that were dumped at my place (I live on a farm),” explains his guardian.

“This was the first time I saw the cats do this in the daytime, usually when I let him out at night they would be all over him when I went to let him in.”

“He really loves cats, it’s funny to watch them play chase. They sit there while he smells them out and they do a bitey “face hugger” move when he finds them. The look of confusion on their face when they try it with a dog who can see is priceless, ‘how did they find me so fast?'”

“They’ve [the cats] turned out pretty nice. I don’t think they hunt, although I wish they would, but they don’t bother the peeps or ducklings. So they’re welcome to stay. Not to mention they love my Marco!”

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