Getting the call, the police rush to the store, the lovely ‘bandit’: “Sometimes I’m coming!

The burglar of this store is a lovely dog with a very friendly smile face.

Police said the dog had broken into the shop and had a scare, shop staff was quite confused, she did not know how to handle this situation so the bell has been alerted to call the help of the police.

Police have received notification of the loss of the dog, so the dog was quickly returned to its owner.

The police shared this on the facebook with the recommendation: “If you want to go to the convenience store in the future, do not let your dog lose!”

The lovely story shared by police has received a lot of attention from the online community.

Many people have left their lovely comments: “Look at this is a mischievous puppy!”, “For those who are afraid of dogs, this is beyond the reach of the dog. They “,” I also let the stray dog in the mall, lucky not to be touched by police but still find it “, etc.

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