Puppy Pulled from Rubble of Bombed Building Reunites with Soldier Who Saved Her

When bomb disposal leader Sean Laidlow was inspecting a collapsed building in Syria, he had no way of knowing that he would be saving a life and making a best friend.

In February 2018, Laidlow was stationed in Raqqa as a private contractor in charge of clearing bombs in the area. During one of their sweeps he found a small puppy hiding in the rubble. The poor dog was shell-shocked and terrified from her ordeal. At first, she refused to move or eat.

Laidlow named her “Barrie”, he didn’t know at the time Barrie was a “she”, but that didn’t matter. He began a “Barrie Watch”, checking in with the puppy, bringing her food and making sure she stayed close by. He recorded his interactions with Barrie on his bodycam, showing the war-torn surroundings in which she had been living.

It’s a miracle the puppy survived the bombed out building where she was found.

Laidlow knew he couldn’t leave the puppy in the harsh surroundings to die so he arranged for Barrie to be taken to safety.

Footage shows the soldiers carrying her to a truck in a cardboard box, where he finally eats a piece of sausage. He must be feeling a little better!

Barrie would head to someplace safe. But Laidlow wasn’t done helping the pup. With help, he arranged for Barrie to be transported to Europe so that he could adopt the stray dog and make him a permanent member of his family.

Caters News reveals that after seven months, Sean was finally reunited with Barrie in Paris France. The dog travelled 3000 miles to once again see her savior.

The happy moment was caught on camera by Laidlow and his partner. Barrie is no longer a tiny puppy but a grown-up dog! But when she sees Laidlow she hasn’t forgotten him, and rolls onto her belly for a welcome belly rub!

It’s so heartwarming to see Barrie journey from a frightened orphaned puppy to one with a loving home and family.

Watch footage of Laidlow’s rescue and reunion in the video below.

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