Dog Rescued From a Trash Can is the Most Loving Family Member Ever

Riley is a Collie mix with a very big heart. Rescued from the trash as a puppy, the 5-year-old dog is a devoted to his family and very affectionate, especially with his family’s newest members.

“Riley was rescued from a garbage can, by a loving family when he was just 6 weeks old,” Megan Di Caro told DogHeirs. “That family found Riley a loving home, with us.”

Megan shared these adorable photos of Riley with a foster kitten and her newborn twins, which capture just how wonderfully sweet Riley is.

“I foster orphaned kittens for the local humane society, which Riley loves,” Megan said. “The first picture is of our Riley meeting a new kitten named Griffin.”

“Riley is also a very protective big brother. We now have 7-month-old twins, Riley will not leave their sides,” Megan told DogHeirs.

She added, “You can see this when we were trying to do a little photoshoot with the twins when they were 2 weeks old.”

Riley is such an affectionate big brother and foster caregiver!

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