Dachshund Reunites With His Favorite Toy For First Time In 5 Years.

When Finn the Dachshund was only a few months old, he had a rubber pig squeaky toy that was his absolute favorite.

But since it was only made of a very thin rubber, Finn ripped it apart and destroyed it. His owners kept buying him new ones, but the same thing kept happening.

That’s when they upgraded to more durable toys. But they were never the same for Finn. He missed his squeaky pig more than anything.

That was very obvious when his owners decided to give him the same kind of rubber pig from his puppyhood.

Finn reunited with his favorite toy for the first time in five years, and he was overjoyed. He made a series of adorable noises as he played with his old friend. Maybe now that he is older, he will be more gentle with his piggy! Watch how cute their reunion is in the video below:

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