Mama Dog Who Risked Her Life To Protect Her Puppies Gets Rescued

Severely injured fighting off a dog, this mama dog’s life was in danger.

“We got a call to rescue a badly injured mama street dog,” writes Animal Aid Unlimited. “Our rescuers found her standing by her puppies after she had recently defended them against an attack by another dog, according to the locals who had called our helpline.”

“A large piece of flesh was hanging out from a puncture wound on her belly, and she had a deep laceration on her neck.”

“We brought her back to Animal Aid’s hospital and immediately brought her in to surgery to repair her serious injuries.” Fortunately, the flesh hanging from her belly was mammary tissue that the could remove without causing any harm to her. They also sewed up her neck.

Throughout her recovery her puppies never left her side and as she ate, so did they. When she’s strong enough and her puppies weaned, she will spayed.

The mama and her pups are so fortunate to have been rescued when they were.

Watch the full rescue in the video below.

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