The stray dog had been abandoned with the chain still attached around her neck. She was forced to drag it behind her, and its weight made her droop her head.

“The temperature is unbearably hot. It hasn’t rained in days, so there are no puddles to drink from. The only available food is the trash found next to dumpsters in alleys and abandoned houses. These are things that strays are forced to endure day in and day out,” writes Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

Arlington was one such dog. She must have been trying to find a cool place when two women spotted her going into the abandoned home on their block.

They tried to put a board down for her so she could walk down, but she refused. Knowing it wasn’t safe in the derelict home, they called Stray Rescue.

When rescuers found her, they said she was ready to be saved.

“She looked up at us with her big, brown pleading eyes. ‘Help me,’ they said. As soon as we were in the air conditioned jeep, she laid down and put her head in Emily’s lap.

That content, peaceful look on her face is a reminder as to why we do what we do every day. She knew she was finally safe."

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