Bridesmaids Ditch The Flowers And Carry Rescue Puppies Down Aisle Instead To Help Them Find Homes

Many people lost their homes as Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas. Many animals were also sadly abandoned, left behind, and displaced after the storm.

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport, an organization in Iowa that helps find homes for shelter animals, took in more than 100 animals who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Six of those 100 animals were adorable little puppies who got to take part in a very special day. Samantha Clark was getting ready to marry the man of her dreams, but she had a great idea to make the day even better.

Clark has three dogs of her own that she wanted to include in her wedding, but she thought it would be an even better idea to include dogs who did not have a home, in the hopes of helping them find one. That’s when she decided to ditch the traditional flower bouquets, and have her bridesmaid carry those six rescue puppies down the aisle instead.

Of course the bridesmaids were willing to ditch the flowers for these adorable pups and were in heaven while holding them. The wedding guests were in awe as well and the pups were a huge hit!

Not only were those puppies at the wedding, but AHeinz57 Pet Rescue also had a booth set up at the venue to show the guests all of the other adoptable dogs they had back at the shelter.

Many guests submitted adoption applications! The rescue has also had many people contacting them asking if they, too, could have adoptable puppies at their own weddings, as well as people inquiring to adopt the puppies.

Clark wanted to draw attention to rescue dogs and how important it is to find them loving homes, and it looks like she was very successful in doing so!

Once the rescue carefully looks through each application, these pups will be on their way to their new forever homes! There are still many pups left at that shelter, and shelters all across the country, who are searching for their forever homes.

Visit your local shelter today; adopt don’t shop!

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