Man’s stolen dog was dumped at roadside because it "wasn’t pedigree"

A dog owner whose pet was stolen when his flat was burgled is calling for tougher regulations for buying and selling animals. Rodrigo Chenkel returned to his home in Camden, north London on Thursday January 25 to find thieves had broken in – and his dog Bartholomew was missing.

Fortunately, Bartholomew – a French bulldog and Staffordshire bull terrier cross – was found wandering the streets alone the next day. Rodrigo, 31, was massively relieved, adding that the experience has made him want to campaign to make it harder to buy and sell pets in the UK, in the hope that thieves will stop targeting animals.

He told ‘I was really, really upset but relieved when I got him back. At the same time I was sad to find out it is not really an uncommon thing.

Rodrigo believes the thieves decided Bartholomew did not have a high value (Picture: Rodrigo Chenkel)
‘If you can’t get a dog and sell it easily, you are not going to be thinking about stealing one, because it has no value if you can’t sell it.

‘They thought he had a value and then realised he didn’t because he is not pedigree and not a puppy.

‘Anyone can buy or sell a dog, it is quite sad and it is not being looked at.’ Rodrigo has launched a petition calling for a change in the law – and hopes Bartholomew will be the ambassador for his campaign. On the day of the break-in, he returned home from work and immediately knew something was wrong when his front door key didn’t work.

The French bulldog and Staffordshire bull terrier cross is recovering at home (Picture: Rodrigo Chenkel)
Once he made it inside, he immediately realised Bartholomew was missing – while other valuables items including an iPad had been ignored by the burglars.

Rodrigo said: ‘The first thing I realised was, ‘where is my dog?’ It was really shocking.

‘I was crying and screaming.’ After informing the police, he recruited a search party who scoured the local area and flooded social media with posts about the missing dog.

Bartholomew was found just three roads away from home at 10am the next day, and Rodrigo is not sure why he was dumped – but believes it could be because he is not pedigree and is not a puppy.

Thieves targeted Bartholomew over other items (Picture: Rodrigo Chenkel)
A spokesperson for the Met Police said: ‘Police were called to a report of a burglary at an address in Adelaide Road, NW3 on Thursday, 25 January.

‘The victim, a 31-year-old man, informed police that he believed the burglary took place between 9am and 7.50pm.

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