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Lonely Dog Waits for Kids to Read to Him at Library But Nobody Came

Sting the Greyhound loves story time, but when he recently arrived at his local library for a reading night, there was no one there to read him a story.

The certified therapy dog from Minnesota spends many evenings at the local library having kids read to him to help them develop their reading skills and have some fun.

But on this particular night – something unexpected happened – no one showed up!

His dad, John Muellner, didn’t want Sting to be all alone again so he posted some photos of Sting looking disappointed with a request for young readers to sign up, but there was no way he could have known the response he would get.

Sting’s photos went viral, with people sharing Muellner’s post more than 100,000 times! Soon the library’s phone was ringing off the hook, much to the surprise and delight of library staff.

Watch the rest of this heartwarming story in the video below.

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