Missing Husky Turns Up One Year Later & Four States Away

On Christmas Day, Jamie Bergman’s boyfriend let their dog, Aspen out in their fenced Kansas City, Missouri yard. When he called her back inside, Aspen wasn’t alone. The Husky was accompanied by another blue-eyed pup the couple had never seen before.

A microchip check at the local vet revealed that their mystery guest had a name (Koda) and a family who had been missing him for nearly a year.

Most shocking of all, Koda was almost a thousand miles and four states from home!

How Koda came to be so far from home is still a mystery, but it certainly seems he chose the right yard to climb into! Hopefully his family in New Mexico can shed some light on this amazing story when they are reunited next month.

Despite his ordeal, Koda is surprisingly healthy and unharmed. His story is a reminder that microchipping is an important safeguard all pet owners should consider.

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