10+ Times Owners Wanted Cats And Dogs To Live Together, But It Didn’t Work Out As Planned

#1 Silent scream for help

#2 Before and after my dogs realizes i'm in the room

#3 My cat disapproves of human /dog love... I didn't even know she could do that face

#4 Kittens are scary 

#5 My cat recently discovered the dog bed

#6 Friend just got a Germand Shepherd puppy. Asked how her cat is getting along with him, and was send this pic

#7 Bastard cat

#8 His face says it all

#9 I didn't know i'd have to give up my dog when i got a cat. And by give up i mean the cat now owns the dog

#10 Having a cone collar fitted at the vet was bad enough, then my dog had to come home to the cat

#11 Fiancee moved in and brought her dog. We were worried about the dog Bullying the cats. We quickly realized the reverse was true.

#12 Nobody knows what thet've been up to!

#13 Cornered

#14 We just adopt a dog, this pic sums up how the cat feels about him. 

#15 I'm not saying that my dog should respect the cat a little bit more, but...

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