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Woman Never Realized That Rescuing A Dog Would Save Her From A Life Of A.b.u.s.e

For anyone who has ever been in an a.b.u.s.i.v.e relationship, at whatever degree of a.b.u.s.e, leaving is often easier said than done.

Not everyone sees in that first time that what is happening is wrong, and because we think we are “in love” we stay and suffer, too afraid to cut the cord and run.

It’s a sad reality that millions of people endure every day, but for Amanda, she knows her dog is the reason she was able to pull through.

Kyro was a tiny puppy when he came into Amanda’s life, and through lots of love and care, he grew to become strong and healthy.

The Husky was one of ten puppies who had been a.ban.don.ed by his mother, and if not for Amanda he may have not survived. Amanda cared for him with bottle feedings and provided him every ounce of love she had to give.

As Amanda’s relationship worsened with her boyfriend, she leaned on her dog for emotional support–just as many of us have with our own dog during hard times.

When we are sad, or the world may seem like too much, our dogs can make us feel special–and most of all, truly loved.

Amanda and Kyro would enjoy long walks alone, hoping to pass their times together in a place where they could be happy, a safe little world all their own away from the turmoil of their chaotic home life.

Amanda had isolated herself in this world she lived in with her a.b.u.s.e.r, withdrawing from friends and family for fear that others would know the truth. She started to believe that she deserved the poor treatment that she received, her self-esteem a thing of the past.

But if not for Kyro there would have been no light at the end of the tunnel. During a heated match, the boyfriend punched Kyro in the face, almost causing blindness in one of his eyes.

This moment was when Amanda knew she needed to get out, and fast. No one would ever put their hands on her again–or her dog, the only friend she had in the world.

Fast forward three years, and now she and Kyro spend their days exploring the sights together, when she can take time away from her busy career as a photographer.

But she knows if not for Kyro, she wouldn’t be where she is today–and none of this would be possible.

Let her story inspire you to share this with anyone who might need to hear it, or let it speak to you if you are in a situation that isn’t right and you feel afraid.

You are strong enough to break away, and words like “love” come cheap if there is a physical burden attached. Let her survival story help you find your own.

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