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Woman Bashed Her Dog & Threw Him In The Dump, Smiled For The Booking Photo

Still cant believe what I just saw.

Can someone tell this woman that what she’s done isn’t worth smiling for and that no one even wants to see her smile? Had she saved a dog’s life, had she cared for an animal in need, maybe smiling would have worked wonders, but this woman did exactly the opposite.

So I really don’t get what she’s smiling about.

That is a booking photo, not your Facebook profile, a booking photo because you’re evil.

Now you might think, why am I getting all worked up? This woman, called Ashley Dashiell, has been known to continuously bash her dog and when she was done bashing, she threw him in the dumpster like trash in Cumberland County, Maryland.

People who witnessed this immediately called for help.

As soon as help arrived, the woman surrendered and the dog was taken back to safety.

Although I don’t have any updates on the dog, but I have a feeling he would be fine.

She has been taken to the Allegany Detention Center where she is held for $3,000.

We sure hope she stay there until she learns her lesson.

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