Woman accused of leaving baby and puppy in car while she turned tricks

(DogFull.Com) A woman in Takoma Park, Maryland, is accused of leaving her 18-month-old baby, and a puppy, inside of a running vehicle while she was inside of an apartment turning tricks for money. According to NBC Washington, the prostitute has been identified as 24-year-old Danielle Parnell.

Local authorities were alerted to the concerning situation on Tuesday after someone noticed the baby inside of a vehicle on the 1200 block of Myrtle Avenue. Responding officers found the baby, and an eight-week-old puppy, inside of the vehicle – according to the police, Parnell eventually returned to the car and explained that “indicated she had been inside an apartment earning money as a prostitute.”
The situation, which involved leaving the baby and puppy alone in the car for at least an hour, resulted in multiple charges, including child neglect, child abuse and prostitution. The puppy was taken to animal control and a new home has already been found; the baby was turned over to child protective services.
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