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Teens help save puppy who was thrown into a door by man

(DogFull.Com) Three teenagers may have saved the life of a puppy who was allegedly being beaten by her drunken owner. According to WTAE News, the teens were walking by a home in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, earlier this week when they saw a man kick a puppy and then throw her into a door.

The teens were concerned about the puppy, who they say was vomiting blood – but when they questioned the man about her condition, he angrily told them to get away from his yard. Fortunately for the puppy, the teens called the authorities, who arrived and found blood on the sidewalk, as well as inside of the home.
The man accused of the cruel abuse is identified as 39-year-old Steven Randolph Frazier. Frazier’s wife told the local news agency that her husband was mad because he had been denied the ability to pick up his nine-month-old baby from the sitter. The woman claims that he took money from her purse and then “drank too much alcohol.”

Though Frazier’s wife was not home when the alleged abuse took place, she has stated that she is concerned for her kids’ welfare and the incident has caused her to want to leave the man. She said, “If he can be this heartless to an animal, what will he do if he’s alone with my children?”

The puppy, named “Sparkle,” was taken to the Humane Society of Westmoreland County where she is reported to be doing well. Frazier is behind bars – facing a charge of animal cruelty.

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