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Owner heartbroken after shelter euthanizes her dog one hour after she surrendered pet

(DogFull.Com) In Petersburg, Virginia, a dog owner who fell on hard times thought that surrendering her dog to the Petersburg Animal Shelter was the right thing to do – hoping the pit bull mix she loved and cared for the last five years, would be able to find a new home and have a better life. So on Monday, Vanessa Thomas brought her beloved dog Patty to the shelter.
According to WricNews, Vanessa was told by the shelter they would try to find a new home for Patty, find a rescue agency to take it or as a last resort euthanizing the dog was a possibility. On Tuesday, Vanessa had second thoughts and wanted her dog back. She waited until the shelter opened at 12:00 and there she was – but Patty was already gone!

“When I got there, she told me she had euthanized my dog,” Vanessa stated.

Deborah Broughton, the Warden at the Petersburg Animal Shelter, told Wric News the dog came at her leg shortly after Vanessa left – the dog was stressed and Broughton made the decision to euthanize the dog within the hour. Vanessa, however disagrees and stated Patty had recently been to the veterinarian and that the dog was never listed as aggressive. Although vet records did have a “caution” sticker on her chart, that is not necessarily out of the ordinary and by no means meant the dog was aggressive stated the vet’s office.

What Broughton did was indeed very tragic, but perfectly legal. When Vanessa signed the dog over to the shelter, she acknowledged euthanasia was possible and gave up ownership of her dog. Broughton stated it was a tough decision, but she had followed protocol and if the same situation occurred again, she would stick by her decision.

Patty was the loser; Patty was the victim. Vanessa thought she was doing the right thing for her dog, and when she decided she wanted Patty back just hours later, and would do whatever she needed to keep her dog, it was too late. What do you think? Should there be a 24-hour waiting period before a shelter can euthanize a pet once they are surrendered? Rest in peace Patty.

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