Owner charged – waited too long to euthanize suffering old dog

(DogFull.Com) A dog owner in Rhode Island is facing a charge of “unnecessary cruelty” for failing to take an elderly, suffering dog to a veterinarian to be euthanized in timely manner. According to WITN News, it is not believed that malice was to blame, but rather an inability to let go.
The dog, an 18-year-old pit bull mix named “X,” was emaciated, semi-comatose, could no longer walk and had bed sores by the time that Carlos Catano took him to a veterinary hospital to be euthanized. The veterinarian contacted the Rhode Island SPCA to report the situation based on the elderly dog’s dismal condition when he was finally brought in to be put down.Though Catano apparently loved his pet too much to say good-bye, E.J. Finocchio, of the Rhode Island SPCA, told WITN News that they were not able to turn a blind eye to the dog’s suffering. He stated, “We can’t turn a blind eye on something like this and just let it pass because of sympathy.” However, Finocchio did express empathy for X’s owner’s inability to end his pet’s life – he stated, “Letting go is very, very difficult.”

What are your thoughts? Should it be illegal to “let nature take its course?” Should loving pet owners be required to euthanize a cat or dog when the quality of life has ended? Do you believe that there is a double standard for pets versus people – given that in most states, people suffering with age related issues, or disease, are typically unable to have their life humanely ended?

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