Man Hates To See Dogs Suffering, So He Gave 450 Of Them A New Home

(DogFull.Com) Most animal shelters have kennels for the dogs (and cats to live in). They may have a yard where the dogs can run around in for a brief time each day, but for the most part, the animals live in kennels. One shelter in Serbia is very different – the dogs are all free to run and romp!
Sasa Pejcic decided to do something for all the homeless street dogs in his country. He was saddened to see them be abused, neglected, and hungry. He started by taking in as many homeless dogs as he could.
He gave them food, medical care, spayed or neutered, and shelter. It didn’t take long before he had hundreds of dogs in his care. The most important thing the dogs got was TLC. The shelter is now run out of old riding stables in Nis, Serbia.

Pejcic and his staff are supported by The Harmony Fund, which is an American organization that helps small animal rescues around the globe. Many of the dogs have been adopted out internationally. Some will live out their lives with Pejcic at the sanctuary.

The shelter is now home to about 600 dogs and is run solely off of donations. To get a sneak peek at life at this shelter watch the video below. It will make you smile!
I liked the dog sitting in the yellow bathtub! If you would like to make a donation to help these dogs, click here. Share away, people!

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