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Dog with painted nails found stabbed to death in the woods

(DogFUll.Com) A city worker made a disturbing discovery in a wooded area of Belleville, Illinois. On Thursday, the Belleville Police Department reached out to the public for help in identifying the victimized dog, with painted nails, who was found fatally stabbed near the 400 block of Catawba Avenue.
According to the authorities, the dog, a pit bull or pit bull mix, appeared to have been stabbed multiple times and strangled. The dog, a female, did not any identification on her body. After the initial post to Facebook, the police offered additional information:
Updated canine description from our previous post
After a preliminary screening by the St. Clair Animal Clinic, we have an updated description of the canine. A 1 to 2 year old female pit bull / pit bull mix that was seemingly well fed. She is black in color with white coloration under her chin, stomach area, and paws. Her nails on her paws appeared to have been painted yellow and pink. She had not been spayed nor has she borne a litter.
Initially the authorities stated that the dog was not wearing a collar – they later stated that she “may have been wearing a black leather type collar and a white flea collar.”

If anyone has information related to this case or is missing a pit bull / pit bull mix matching this description, please contact Belleville Police (618) 234-1212.

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