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Advocates helping homeless woman’s dog with grotesquely swollen face

(DogFull.Com) On Wednesday afternoon, in Riverside, California, an animal advocate and frequent volunteer at local animal shelters met Bobo – a nine-year-old pit bull.
Although it’s not unusual for Sol Figueiredo, more popularly known as Pit A Boo to be helping dogs at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, Bobo’s situation was much different and one that Pit A Boo had never before encountered The dog has a grotesquely swollen face, and it is unknown what is causing the condition.
Meet Bobo; he is a 9 year old Pit Bull I met today outside the Goodwill in Riverside. My heart stopped when I saw his sweet face. His mommy is homeless and has been doing her best to keep him comfortable, but she needs our help. An organization that helps pets of homeless helped with a vet visit, but the vet just gave him antibiotics and steroids. No other diagnostic testing. The steroids actually made his lymph nodes swell up into golf balls. Right now his mom is giving him Motrin for the pain and a supplement called Sovereign Silver,” Pit A Boo posted on her Facebook page.
Bobo’s homeless owner doesn’t want to euthanize her dog and claims he doesn’t cry out in pain, is active, eats and is happy despite his condition. Immediately animal advocates came together to help. The primary goal is to get Bobo to a veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis. Discussions on busy social media pages about the dog’s condition ranged from the possibilities of a cancerous tumor, infected teeth, snake bite and acute sinus infections.

A fund to raise donations starting at the goal of $3,000 was met in only a few hours.
“We need donations to get him to a vet as soon as possible to get him diagnosed. If this is a case of hospice, we can at least get him prescribed something stronger than Motrin to keep him comfortable. He will need to be hospitalized for a couple days for testing, possibly need surgery, the possibilities are endless for what he may need. We are starting the goal at $3000, we may need more. If you are financially blessed please consider donating. Please share Bobo so we can get him the help he desperately needs.”
Pit A Boo returned to the area looking for Bobo and his owner to give her the good news that funds had been raised to immediately transfer Bobo to an emergency veterinarian facility; neither could be located.

“…Motrin is extremely poisonous for dogs. She (another animal advocate) said it can cause internal bleeding. The owner told me that when he is too active that he begins to sneeze and then blood comes pouring out of his nose. He has got to get to the emergency vet tonight!”

Let’s hope Bobo and his owner can be located and this poor dog can get the needed help as soon as possible. Updates will follow.

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