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Missing husky found beaten and drowned

(DogFull.Com) In Randolph County, North Carolina, a family is grieving over the tragic news of their missing husky found dead. On Saturday night, the dog’s owner received the devastating news from the person who found their beloved Siberian husky named Toby.
“She just said that he had drowned in the pond and that they had pulled him out and she had taken his collar off and she described what the collar looked like,” stated Shannon Rice to Fox8News.
Toby had been missing since last Wednesday, and the family did all they could do to find him. The last time they had seen the playful pooch he had been romping happily in the snow. They put up signs all over, offered a reward, notified local shelters and posted Toby’s photo and information on social media groups hoping someone had seen their dog.

When Shannon’s sons recovered Toby’s body, the dog’s face was unrecognizable. His head had been bashed in as if he had been beaten to death.

Shannon plans to file a police report as to her one year-old dog’s tragic fate, but for now she is frightened just living in the neighborhood, and really who can blame her? Anyone with information about Toby is asked to contact authorities in Randolph County.

Rest in peace Toby. Via: https://petrescuereport.com/

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