WARNING: One Dog Dies And Three Others Sick After Eating Canned Dog Food Treat

(DogFUll.Com) Nikki Mael wanted to give her four dogs, Tank, Tito, Tinkerbell, and Talula, a special treat for their New Year’s Eve dinner, so she opened up a can of Evanger’s Hunk of Beef with Au Jus dog food.

Within 15 minutes of devouring their treat, all four dogs were stumbling around as if they were drunk. Mael rushed the pups to the emergency vet, and they immediately went into intensive care. By the time they got there, the dogs were limp and not moving.
Three of the dogs survived, but unfortunately Talula passed away. Tito is still having seizures, but he’s home with the other two dogs now. A necropsy will be performed on Talula’s body to figure out the exact cause of death, but Mael strongly suspects that the canned dog food is the culprit and warns others to stay away from it for now until the problem is identified.
Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company helped raise the full funds to cover the dogs’ hospital bills, and they are taking the unopened cans that were in the same package for testing. They have not yet issued a recall, but they will take back any products from concerned customers without question.

Do you think Evanger’s should issue a recall? Do you think it was the food or something else that made the dogs sick? Let us know in the comments below!

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